Movistar Video imagined by Vostok

We were hired by Movistar to envision what their online video and TV service should be like. This page is an overview of the concept we kicked off with and a look into the final design we crafted.

We explained it with a video

Pdfs and slideshows were not enough. We had to come up with a way that could capture the hows and whys behind our design. So we made a video that could explain the product live: premises, user contexts, screens and main interactions.

watch the video in other languages:

Design premises

We worked with Movistar to define the concept certainties that would become our starting point: contexts of use, architecture, limitations on input devices and interaction. This slideshow puts them together.

PC and TV Screens

We came up with a service that's primarily visual. A grid sytem that works across all platforms that is both functional and elegant.

Movies listing
  • Home

    Order vs. chaos

    Consistency is achieved by following a set system of proportions. Grids provide a visual structure that orders elements. There's no clutter.

  • Home when logged in the application

    Easy access

    A user homepage provides easy access to a user's favorite movies, recorded programs, alerts, and TV series. All their content accessible in one single place.

  • Options available for a movie

    Focus attention

    Sound and contrasts in light help stress visually things have changed. Decision making elements are highlighted while all other distractions are silenced.

  • Fullscreen viewer


    A still gives you more information than any text ever could. You have a sense of the atmosphere, the tone. You choose with your eyes, not your head.

  • Series page

    A solid system

    A crystal grid system that relies on a structure that is solid enough to maintain order but flexible enough to play around with, to adapt, to change.

  • Specials page


    Customizing it to present a featured theme or create a different atmosphere is quick and simple. Keep the structure and just change the background.

  • Trailers viewer

    Crystal interface

    Transparencies help us come up with an interface where buttons and information elements are present and even overlap images without being invasive.

  • Filter movies by genres


    Elements are big. They work on touch screens and are readable from a distance. Crosshead browsing makes it easy to navigate using a remote.

  • Movie page

    Less typing

    Touch screen keyboards or remote control typing can be tough. So we reduce it to the minimum. Autocomplete search engines are an example.

  • User options screen

    Minimal processes

    Processes are reduced to the minimal. Account details can be filled and edited just by touching. No forms to fill, no text to type. As hassle-free as forms can be.

  • TV channels listing

    TV listings

    Linear TV listings are simple and manageable. Big logos help find information quicker. No infinite timetables: what's on now and later, and that's it.

  • Customizable backgrounds

    Different moods

    Another example of how the crystal interface allows us to completely change the mood of a section without compromising the system consistency.

Smartphone screens

The same elements, the same system; just different sizes and different order. The perfect merger between an app and a website.

Detalle del catálogo: 6 películas listadas
  • Navigation options in the iphone version

    Easy to touch

    Rearrangement of elements makes the most out of the available screen space. Buttons remain solid and big so that they're easy to touch.

  • Options available for a movie in the iphone version

    Use everywhere

    Lightboxes take up most of the screen but contrasts in light are still important because images in mobile screens compete with broad daylight.

  • Options available for an episode in the iphone version

    Less but better

    Information elements are stripped down to the minimum. Action buttons predominate. And light contrast feedback is heightened for small elements.