Hirasaki Knife box by Keiji Ashizawa

by gabriela on 26/10/2011

We have a thing for Japanese knives at Vostok. Javier brought with him from Japan three beauties with engraved blades and wooden handles for Ricardo and myself. It’s not that we’re great cooks (though we’d like to think we are), it’s just that there’s something about the craft behind the surgical precision of a sharp metal blade and the raw familiar smoothness of wood that’s timeless and beautiful.

Today I came across this knife box made by Keiji Ashizawa Design via Tokyo Art Beat:

In Ashizawa’s own words:

Hirosaki Knives have been around for approximately 1000 years. The cases for the knives are made from paulowina wood and apple tree wood. These woods are used not only for the unique look of the design, but also the efficiency of the protection of the knives. Paulownia is unique to the history and culture of Japan. Finally, the apple tree that is used as the rail and connection comes from the apple tree in Hirosaki which is the most famous producer of apples in Japan.

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